Alignment Coaching Sessions

Ready to gain confidence & clarity in your business?

Alignment coaching sessions are designed to provide you with a personalized method to growing  your online business. With a warm and encouraging approach, we’ll work together to identify your goals, brainstorm and align your goals with your values so that your work feels fulfilling. Together, we’ll create actionable steps that help you feel more focused and purposeful without the need to hustle or spin yourself out doing all the things.



Feeling frustrated by the constant whirlwind of thoughts without finding any clear answers, leaving you discouraged and overwhelmed



Feeling disheartened by the pressure to follow a one-size-fits-all formula for success that doesn’t align with their unique path and values



Struggling with the feeling of being isolated – you’re the only one making decisions in your business – so constantly overthinking every move, and finding yourself paralyzed by indecision.


Alignment Coaching Can Help You Feel



I can help you untangle your thoughts and straighten them out, create doable, actionable plans, and help you shift your mindset to unlock new possibilities so you can guide your business towards profitability and ease.


Content and Fulfilled

Like the way your business feels again. I can help you become a problem solver for your unique challenges in your business in a way that aligns with your individual approach, without imposing another set of frustrating rules or standards on you



Feel confident and empowered to take action towards achieving your biz goals.I’m your go-to partner and sounding board to help you feel less alone and nervous making biz decisions. Practical advice and relevant answers, skipping the generic business jargon and offering personalized solutions for the stuff that comes up in your business.

Say goodbye to anxiety and overwhelm and hello to a peaceful and focused approach to running your online business.


Here’s how we can work together

Strategy Session

$ 219/ Session

Schedule any time

3 Session Package

$ 559 (15% discount) / package

3 Sessions + unlimited email support to be used within 2 months

10 Week Program

$1495 (20% discount) / package

8 sessions + unlimited email support over a 10 weeks to go from burnt out to thriving


Happy clients

“Feeling more organized and knowing I'm on the right track now instead of guessing."

,Working with Steph is like getting advice from a friend. She takes the time to get to know you and your business, as well as your customers. She has the ability to look at the bigger picture and point you in the direction you need to go to keep moving forward. She outlines a strategy for you to work with and delivers it in a way that motivates and excites you to implement it. She understands the importance of social media to your business and offers advice and strategies to help you fit it into your busy schedule as an entrepreneur.

Lianne, Owner, Niagara Homespun Botanicals

“I was filled with ideas, overwhelmed and overworked. I didn't know the best way to move forward, overthinking every step, and making no moves as a result. ”

I left feeling like the tangled ideas I had were straightened out, made more sense than ever, and with an actionable plan.

Steph has been an incredible coach and friend. Before working with her, I was filled with ideas but unsure of the best way to move forward, overthinking everything, and making no moves as a result. Steph helped me shift my mindset and see new possibilities that I hadn’t considered. My business is now on track to be more profitable and less overwhelming. I’m so grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive and knowledgeable coach!

It was like chatting with a friend, but a friend who has extremely valuable insight and offers opinions in a non-judgmental way.

Lindsay, Virtual Assistant / Founder of Good Help,


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alignment Coaching Sessions?

Alignment Coaching Sessions are personalized sessions designed to help you gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, and align your business goals with your values so it feels good to run.

How can Alignment Coaching Sessions benefit me?

These sessions provide you with practical tools to build a fulfilling business that feels aligned and purposeful, without the constant hustle. They help you navigate challenges and create a balanced approach to achieving your goals.

Is this type of coaching suitable for new business owners?

Absolutely! Alignment Coaching Sessions are beneficial for both new and experienced business owners looking to align their business with their values and prevent burnout.

What can I expect from an Alignment Coaching Session?

During these sessions, we’ll work together to identify your goals, brainstorm strategies, and create actionable steps for a thriving business. You’ll gain confidence, clarity, and a more focused approach to your work. I have a warm, encouraging approach and will always be your advocate.