Do you give yourself the freedom to make mistakes? It’s common for many women, including myself in the past, to show compassion to others while being hard on ourselves. However, when we don’t allow room for mistakes, we unintentionally hinder our own growth.

Most people start a business because they want the freedom of doing something they love on their own terms. But sometimes we get stuck because we act like our old boss and we give ourselves a hard time for making mistakes.

What if making mistakes was an integral part of this freedom? What if these errors held the key to learning in a profound way, making us wiser and better-equipped to build a business we truly love?

A wise teacher once told me that if her students aren’t making mistakes then she’s not doing her job right. She said that making mistakes is what learning is all about.

Imagine if your mistakes had the power to unveil what isn’t working in your business. They could highlight tasks that drain your energy, helping you move closer to a business that aligns with your passions and values. Mistakes might even inspire you to serve your customers better or create better products.

What if you had so much compassion for yourself that making mistakes felt like growth instead of like a failure.

My teacher friend changed the way I looked at mistakes. Now, we have a tradition in our house: when someone makes a mistake the others clap and cheer for the mistake maker.
It felt silly at first but, honestly it takes the sting out of it and helps us remember, mistakes are good. It makes us fear them less and embrace the learning.

So, allow me to clap and cheer for you today! 👏

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Growth is all about learning. It’s making you a better business owner. You’re doing great. Every mistake brings you one step closer to mastering your craft and achieving your goals.

If you want a sounding board or some guidance on how to turn your mistakes into valuable lessons that propel you toward a business you genuinely adore, consider scheduling an Alignment Focused Coaching Session. Together, we can synthesize your experiences into growth opportunities and set you on the path to running a business that not only thrives but also brings you joy and fulfillment.