Ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in? Like everyone else has it all figured out while you’re just trying to keep up and maybe even catch a decent night’s sleep? If this sounds like you, rest assured – you’re not alone.

While transitioning from my first career in Social Work to the world of small business, I often found myself feeling like I was missing some secret ingredient. Despite juggling a multitude of responsibilities – managing projects, teams, customer service, manufacturing, inventory, and navigating unexpected challenges – I still couldn’t shake the sensation of being on the outskirts, observing other “business people” who seemed to be so confident and thriving. I never felt like I knew the inside lingo or felt “business-y.”

But let me share a secret I’ve learned along the way: every entrepreneur, no matter how put-together they seem, is just figuring it out as they go. Even those who radiate confidence and success have their moments of uncertainty and doubt. And here’s the surprising twist – being on the outside looking in can actually work to your advantage.

It grants you a fresh perspective, allowing you to approach your business with creativity and a unique vision. Instead of conforming to the norms, you have the opportunity to carve your own path and redefine success on your own terms.

I think really what it comes down to is feeling a bit overwhelmed and alone.

If you’re currently grappling with feelings of being on the outside looking in, making you question your decisions in your business, or feeling frustrated or lost, you’re in good company.

Because you don’t have the “business rules” baked in, you have the space & potential to build a business in your own way – one that you truly love and that feels authentic to run. Sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to untangle your thoughts and create a plan that reflects the kind of business you want to have.

Finding a business friend or two (or a whole group if you’re lucky!) who can share those behind the scenes struggles and just “gets it” can help a lot. Someone who can celebrate the little things and lend you courage on the tough days can make all the difference.

Also, this is where I come in. My passion lies in helping entrepreneurs like you see the big picture while navigating the intricate details, untangling the sticky, confusing bits and creating a path the feels clear and doable. Let’s take what feels complex and craft a beautiful, actionable path forward – one where your well-being also gets to factor in.

Ready to take that first step towards clarity and confidence in your busienss? Book a free consultation with me today. Let’s work together to transform your business into one that feels uniquely yours, that you can feel confident showing up for and helps you thrive in your life.