Simple Strategies for Burnt-Out Business Owners

Coaching & Strategy Sessions for the human side of business

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Stressed to Strategy Summer Program

A 10-Week Program to Turn Chaos into Clarity and Stress into Strategy

Overcome the Overwhelm, Frustrations and Frantic Hustling That Lead to Burnout

And Build a Profitable Business That *Feels Good* To Run

As a small business owner, you know that pursuing your passion and making money doing what you love isn’t always a clear path. With so many things to focus on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated.

It can make doing the work you love feel like a burden instead of a joy. So, if you’re on the hunt for a bit more clarity, focus, and a way to get through the overwhelming times in your business a bit quicker, you’re absolutely in the right place.

Feel Confident, Settled, and Aligned in Your Business

Ready to move from overwhelm to a grounded, aligned strategy? Let’s work together to integrate your business with your life for success that feels grounded and sustainable.

One-on-One Support

A peaceful, focused & supportive approach to overcoming overwhelm and achieving your business goals.


Strategy Sessions

A focused and strategic approach addressing your specific challenges that ensures your website and online business thrive.



A holistic approach to business and life. Sessions and resources to tackle business owner burnout and create a path to feeling confident & empowered.





  • Boosted confidence and clarity: Feel more confident and grounded in your business decisions.
  • Overcome overwhelm and burnout: Get guidance to focus on what matters most and avoid pitfalls.
  • Enhanced business strategy: Develop a roadmap to prioritize efforts for meaningful impact and profitable work you love.






  • A holistic approach to combining best practices for your online biz with the big picture of your life so you can make money without sacrificing your well being
  • Feel like yourself in your biz no matter what’s “expected” of you online
  • Feel excited & eager to show up for your business
  • Take confident, purposeful action
  • Problem solve the things that are driving you nuts
  • Feel brave & capable – you CAN grow this online business!



  • Have a thriving, profitable website without the overwhelm
  • User Experience Design planning
  • Content strategy
  • Home page game plan
  • Call to action strategy
  • Brand positioning insights and recommendations
  • One-on-one support and practical guidance


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Hey there, I´m Steph

As a firm believer that success doesn’t have to mean constant hustle, I focus on empowering women to feel confident, brave, excited and productive with their businesses, without sacrificing their well-being.

With over 8 years in online business, I get the challenges you face. And, with a background in Social Work and over a decade as a mental health Counsellor, I’m here to support you on your business journey.

Find confidence, clarity, and ease in your decisions. Overcome overwhelm and prevent burnout. Craft a strategy aligned with your authentic self, so you’re excited to show up for your business.


What Clients Are Saying


"A breath of fresh air! This was a game changer for actually making a plan that feels GOOD!"

I was filled with ideas, overwhelmed and overworked. I didn’t know the best way to move forward, overthinking every step, and making no moves as a result.
I left feeling like the tangled ideas I had were straightened out, made more sense than ever, and with an actionable plan.

Steph has been an incredible coach and friend. Before working with her, I was filled with ideas but unsure of the best way to move forward, overthinking everything, and making no moves as a result. Steph helped me shift my mindset and see new possibilities that I hadn’t considered. My business is now on track to be more profitable and less overwhelming. I’m so grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive and knowledgeable coach!

It was like chatting with a friend, but a friend who has extremely valuable insight and offers opinions in a non-judgmental way.

Lindsay, Virtual Assistant / Founder of Good Help,


Through working with Steph I feel confident in my business again

I felt confused, overwhelmed, and stuck with how to communicate to the two distinct audiences I support in my business. I found myself comparing to other business models that didn’t make sense for the work I do and I needed a marketing strategy that felt authentic and aligned.


Steph is incredible to work with! I felt supported, safe, and seen through her coaching. Her approach helped me work through the doubt I was feeling about what direction to take in my business. Things just ‘clicked’ with her reframes, gentle suggestions, and truth bombs.

I now feel confident bringing my full self into my business. I’ve booked with more aligned clients, moved forward on projects I’m really excited by, and feel more ease showing up online.

Through working with Steph I feel confident in my business again. After so much second-guessing and feeling stuck in which direction to take, Steph’s guidance allowed me to trust myself and grow my business in the way that feels right for me.

Steph is amazing! She will truly see you and meet you with the support and guidance you need.

Laura Hughes, Self-Care Speaker and Facilitator,

 Let’s work together!

I help Women in Online Business find clarity, overcome overwhelm, and create a thriving, sustainable strategy.


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